City Hall, a Bespoke clothier, offers a collection of custom-tailored formal menswear expertly constructed specifically for the body and curves of a woman.


When it comes to suiting, most tailors are used to working off of a man's frame which consists of three tiers (Ectomorph, Mesomorph & Endomorph). Both male & females have several body shapes, and with that being said, a male does not possess half of the curves that sculpt a woman's body. Different body shapes take a lot more than computer assistance. In fact, it involves experience and precision.


At City Hall Bespoke our method instantly provides the ultimate marriage between convenience and precision without removing the piece that we believe makes all the difference; a personalized experience with a highly trained professional specifically for you.


Ultimately the end result will be the bespoke suit that you desire because you deserve to feel confident, as well as stunning while increasing your productivity. City Hall Bespoke tailored the Executive line just for you. The secret is within our one on one consultations. Reserve your stylist today!